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Welcome To Sherman Oaks
Ear and Hearing Institute

Our goal is to be the center of excellence for the complete care of ear, hearing, and balance problems in children and adults and to improve the hearing, communication, and quality of life for the patients we are privileged to serve. We also strive to help people lead more fulfilling lives by giving them the tools essential to maximize their communication potential. Whether this means helping a child hear for the first time, teaching someone to hear with their hearing deficit, providing hearing strategies to facilitate conversation, enabling a student to hear the material presented in the classroom, or assisting someone chose the best hearing aid for their loss, our audiologists take the time because we care about improving the quality of life for you and those you care about. In fulfilling our goal, our team of highly trained audiologists consider it our responsibility to educate our patients about available help, provide the latest in hearing instrument technology, and implement a personalized rehabilitation program for each patient. The stresses of hearing loss are felt by everyone who communicates with those affected by hearing impairment. We, therefore, provide hearing services to our patients, as well as support to their family and friends.

When someone you care about needs a balance, tinnitus, and hearing assessment, a hearing aid, wax removal, or even ear protection and/or musician accessories, you don't want to wait six months or more for an appointment. Our offices have little to no waiting list as new appointments are created as needed. Our helpful and friendly office staff will guide you through the process of accessing your insurance benefits. If a service is not covered by your insurance or if you don't have insurance, interest and 0% interest financing is available. We accept Medi-care, Medi-cal, Cal-optima, PPO plans, and most HMO plans.

"At Sherman Oaks Ear and Hearing Institute our commitment to ongoing professional education, monthly staff in services, and involvement in professional organizations, ensures state of the art professional services and patient satisfaction."

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